Remote Control Outlet (remote)

Item No.: RCS001
Remote Control Outlet is a proven way to optimize your home. Save time and money thanks to our outlet’s ability to stop power drainage.


The remote is easy to use and learning functions allows you to programmer one outlet with more Remotes or one Remote with more outlets, extra remote control switch can be matched to existing units, build your smart home system.


 ● Remotely control hard-to-reach appliances and devices without built-in power ON/OFF switches at the push of a button;
● Eliminate wasteful standby power and reduce energy use; save on your electric bills and extend product life;
● Saves you the trouble of having to plug in and unplug your electric appliances to conserve energy consumption; a great assistant to the mobility impaired;
● Strong RF signal works through doors and walls without interfering with other electronics; operating from as far as 100ft in line of sight;
● Each remote control can match 4 channel sockets ;
● Each socket can be controlled by max 5 remote controls.