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Comfortable Living Environment Weather Business Segment

The business of Comfortable Life Environmental Meteorology covers: various types of temperature and humidity meters, air quality monitoring meters, intelligent temperature control valves for plumbing and heating, intelligent control valves for drinking water, etc.; soil temperature and humidity monitoring meters, wind speed and direction meters, rain gauges, sunlight and ultraviolet ray meters, family weather stations, professional weather stations and other products. A part of the products built-in software chip control, can realize the digital display automatic control, early warning and forecast; a part of the products built-in a variety of wireless transmission module, can be connected to the company's independent design of the cloud platform App application, for the user proximity remote intelligent management of the home environment to provide more options.

Comfortable living products to help you monitor the living environment, optimize and improve the quality of life; environmental weather products to help you monitor the outdoor garden environment, for your residential living environment to provide local accurate real-time meteorological data, and urban meteorological data together with the prediction of travel meteorological conditions; professional meteorological station products are widely used in the field of local environmental meteorological monitoring, intelligent garden maintenance field, intelligent agriculture irrigation production field. Provide data support for all kinds of programs.

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