Irrigation Treatment & Control
Irrigation Water Treatment Water Control Business Segment

Baldr's irrigation water treatment water control business segment covers: various stacked mesh filters, centrifugal filters, shallow gravel filters, backwash stacked filtration systems, backwash gravel filtration systems, various control valves, air valves, controllers and other products.

The sprinkler irrigation drip irrigation technology has been widely used instead of large water diffusion irrigation on modern intelligent agriculture, saving water resources. Our irrigation water treatment products plays a role of water purification and treatment in the agricultural drip irrigation system. The water source after filtration treatment can prevent all kinds of sprinkler drippers clogging, protect the daily use of agricultural sprinkler drip irrigation system;
 Our water control products play a significant role in the first water hub centralized treatment, unattended intelligent management , as well as in the water network pipeline. It plays a role in the electronic control switch, pressure relief adjustment, pressure maintenance, exhaust explosion-proof, control valves, controllers, and other products. pressure maintenance, exhaust explosion-proof, remote control and other key roles.
Our products are widely used in the field of urban garden irrigation, intelligent agricultural irrigation, also have a good performance in the field of industrial water recycling filtration and regeneration.

The main categories of products