Single Tariff Electricity Monitor Power Meter Socket

Item No.: BPM001S
You can monitor standby or working power dissipation of all your electronics. Monitor which appliances are the high cost of energy. save energy, money, reduce CO₂emissions, environmental friendly.


Large LCD Counts Consumption by the kilowatt-Hour,connects to household appliance & assesses Its efficiency,electricity usage monitor connects to appliances and assesses efficiency.checks the quality of power by monitoring voltage frequency power factor,low power consumption.


 ● Operating voltage: 120V AC;
● Frequency display: 60HZ;
● Operating current:max 15A;
● Wide voltage range:110-130V AC;
● Timing display range: 0 second--9999 days;
● Wattage Display(watts): 0W-9999W;
● Voltage display range: 0V~9999V;
● Current display (amps): 0.000A~15.000A.