LPWAN Wireless Valve Controller

Item No.: ITW0104G
ITW0104G controller is a small and flexible wireless valve controller, which is based on LPWAN wide area network technology and micro safety level ultra-low power consumption design. Widely used in landscaping, fire fighting, agriculture, villas, gardens

Technical Parameters

 ● Product size: 150 mm (H) × 98 mm (W) × 53 mm (W);
● Working temperature: - 15 ° C to + 75 ° C;
● Storage temperature: - 40 ° C to + 85 ° C;
● Waterproof grade: IP68;
● Working altitude: < 2000m;
● Service life: 9125 on-off valves or 1-5 years;
● Control delay: 2 ~ 15s;
● Output interface of solenoid valve: 6 ~ 24V adjustable;
● Length of solenoid valve line: < 50m;
● Irrigation programming number: 4 independent programming;
● Irrigation operation time: 1-240 minutes / station;
● Irrigation water ratio: 10% ~ 100%.

Functional Parameters

● Solenoid valve: support single station pulse solenoid valve;
● Sensor: support input interface of rainfall switch, with optional function off;
● Power supply mode: battery powered;
● Battery alarm: low battery alarm;
● Battery capacity: capacity display;
● Wireless signal: signal strength display;
● Valve status: ON/OFF status display;
● Statistics of valve ON/OFF: opening times and closing times;
● Real time control: support real-time control switch and real-time parameter setting switch;
● Energy saving mode,support four working modes;
      Best mode: energy saving mode, 2-hour cycle wake-up;
      Optimized mode: energy saving mode, 4-hour cycle wake-up;
      Recommended mode: energy saving mode, 8-hour cycle wake-up;
      Longest life mode: energy saving mode, 24-hour cycle wake-up.
● Valve voltage setting: 6 ~ 24V voltage adjustable;
● Irrigation program: support irrigation program switch;
● Independent irrigation programming program: 4 independent start time, operation time
   and pause time;
● Network timing function: synchronization of cloud platform clock and terminal.

Note: in the energy-saving mode, the equipment automatically and punctually executes the synchronized irrigation parameters; in the demonstration mode, the equipment operates in
real time, but does not execute the automatic irrigation settings.