Bluetooth Smart Water Timer

Item No.: ITV0103B
Easily add irrigation or misting to small lawn or garden areas,
terraces and potted plants using your hose faucet. Simple to use App control your irrigation needs through your smart phone or table.


 Set and check irrigation schedule through smart phone APP;
● The Bluetooth controller compatible with soil moisture sensor;
● Delay the watering schedule base on the data from sensors;
● Manually rain delay function;
● One Bluetooth timer can connect 1 rain sensor and 1 soil moisture sensor;
● Manually ON/OFF the water timer;
● Water flow meter function ;
● Irrigation mode and Mist mode for watering;
Low power consumption and low power indicator;
● Build-in filter;
● Automatic connected by Bluetooth;


● 1" inlet with 3/4" adaptor;
● 3/4" outlet thread;
● Working water pressure 0.5bar to 8 bar;
● Working water flow 5L/min to 35L/min;
● IP54 water proof;
● Watering temperature 0℃ to 50℃;
● Water timer power by DC 1.5V x 4 AA batteries;

● Irrigation Mode:
        Watering schedule: every day or any day;
        Watering frequency: Maximum 3 times per day;
        Watering time: 1min to 11 h 59 m.

● Misting Mode:
        Mist Period: 1min to 11h 59h;
        Mist Working time: 5s to 59s;
        Interval : maximum 15min.

● Water timer battery life over 1 year.