BDV100S/AB 4*4*4" Back-washing Valve

Item No.: BDV100S/A
BDV series back-flushing control valves are 3-way & 2-chamber hydraulic drive diaphragm control valves with low pressure seal and smooth flow change.
BDV series back-flushing control valve can be connected with gravel filter or disc filter into an automatic backwash filtration system, and it can also change the direction of flow in water supply. The control valve has 2 control chambers, which can be deformed into angular flow or direct flow through different spring assembly direction. The unique cavity design ensures large flow volume of water supply:
Auto back-flushing filtrationg system - BDV series back-flushing control valves can be built into an automatic backwash system with gravel medium filter or disc filter.
Water supply system - Being used in the water supply pipelines to reroute the water flow into angle or straight flow direction.

• Hydraulic drive diaphragm control valve;
• Unique plastic spool assembly design with tight sealing and corrosion resistance;
• Short stroke of valves stabilizing water flow and avoiding blend of clean and dirty water;
• Corrosion-proof and long lasting PP material;
• Unique cavity design of BDV series ensuring high water flow;
• With an easily dismantled driven system for convenient on production line checking and maintenance;
• Dual-chamber design of BDV series valve with low-voltage drive to effectively protect the diaphragm;
• With the possibility to install changeover joints in the drain of the direct flow valve, from 4 to 3, from 3 to 2, meeting the demands of small flows.
• With the application of dual chamber design, BDV series providing angular flow and direct flow options, and being free of installation direction confinement;

Model Flow Direction Connections Sizes Connections Volumn in Cavity(L) Working Pressure(Bar) Weight(kg)
BDV100S Straight 4''x4''x4'' Grooved 0.55 0.7-10 9.9