BAV160C50 2" Combined Air Valve

Item No.: BAV160C50
C type combined valves are of high quality for various irrigation networks and operating conditions.
Pipe system: Protection against air accumulation in horizontal, ramp turning point and road/river crossings.
Water supply system: against air accumulation and vacuum formation.
Near control valves and water metre: increase the accury of meter and a better performance of control valves.
Industrial and residential networks: Protection against air accumulation.

• Advanced aerodynamic design;
• Big inlet size allowing massive air flow;
• One- piece floating ball design ensure ontime shutting of outlet while the high speed airflow occurs;
• Quality sealing – prevents leakage under low pressure conditions (0.1 bar/1.5 psi);
• PP material with corrosion, acid, alkliane resistant features to be long lasting;
• Multi-installation size for various market demands;

Water Filling into Pipeline:The valves evacuate masive air during water filling into the pipeline. The valves efficiently exhaust little air under pressurized operation. Much air will be take into pipeline by valve when the filtration system is draining empty. With aerodynamic design and the anti-blow design, the floating ball ensure ontime shutting of outlet while the high speed airflow occurs.
Under Pressurized Operation: During pressurized operation of the pipeline, air accumulates in the upper air valve chamber. With the growing of the air, the water level as well as the floating ball inside the valves go down, then the automatic micro- exhaust hole open to evacuate the accumulated air. Once the air is released, the water level and floating ball rise to close the automatic micro-exhaust hole.
System draining: When the system or pipe is drained empty, negative pressure forms in the kinetic valve. Meanwhile the float move down to take in air against vacuum formation.


Model Connection BSP/NPT Inlet Surface(mm²) Working Pressure(bar) Weight(g)
BAV160C50 DN50   2'' 908 0.2-16 1020