BAV110K25 1" Kinetic Air Valve

Item No.: BAV110K25
K type kinetic valves are applicable to all kinds of irrigation system. It evacuates air quickly during filling water to pipeline and withdraws massive air while water draining.
Pipe system: Protection against air accumulation in horizontal, ramp turning point and road/river crossings.
Water supply system: against air accumulation and vacuum formation.
Near control valves and water metre: increase the accury of meter and a better performance of control valves.
Industrial and residential networks: Protection against air accumulation.

• Advanced aerodynamic design;
• Big inlet size allowing massive air flow;
• One- piece floating ball design ensure ontime shutting of outlet while the high speed airflow occurs;
• Quality sealing – prevents leakage under low pressure conditions (0.1 bar/1.5 psi);
• PP material with corrosion, acid, alkliane resistant features to be long lasting;
• Multi-installation size for various market demands;

System filling - During filling water into the pipeline, massie air will be evacuate from kinetic air intake & exhaust hole. The floating ball moves upwards to close the orifice after water flows into the champer. With aerodynamic design and the anti-blow design, the floating ball ensure ontime shutting of outlet while the high speed airflow occurs.
Pressurized Operation - The kinetic valves keeps closed under pressure from water.
System draining - When the system or pipe is drained empty, negative pressure forms in the kinetic valve. Meanwhile the float move down to take in air against vacuum formation.

Technical Data:

Model Connection BSP/NPT Inlet Surface(mm²) Working Pressure(bar) Weight(g)
BAV110K25 DN25   1'' 288 0.2-16 185