Automatic Watering Pump Timer

Item No.: ITV0106
ITV0106 automatic watering pump, automatically water the potted plants on the office / balcony, regularly and quantitatively, so that your potted plants can grow healthily without being looked after.


Automatic flower watering without faucet in the room.
LCD displays clear information.
● Press and hold the "OK" button to water manually immediately.
Delay opening function and water flowers regularly.


Watering frequency: every 1-24 hours, every 1-7 days.
Watering time: 1-60 seconds, 1-30 minutes.
Manual irrigation, open at any time, delay irrigation, accurate water output.
 With a lift of 3 meters, the flowers on the shelf windowsill are all supplied
   with water under pressure.
 Powered by USB or 4 * AA batteries.
Low power prompt, water shortage shutdown, host protection.
 Flow rate can be up to 20 potted flowers at the same time.